Development League

The Coerver Development League is a new and exciting soccer program which ensures every child has fun while developing soccer and physical literacy skills. The Coerver program also uses soccer as a vehicle to develop social skills and core values such as sportsmanship, teamwork, fair play and respect.

Players will train for 20 minutes in a developmentally stage and age appropriate program, followed by 40 minutes of small sided games. These games will be monitored closely by UEFA and CSA licensed coaching staff where information and coaching in the flow will be a priority. This new program format ensures all children are actively engaged and involved throughout every one hour session. And also guarantees' increased touches and deliberate practice

Coaches will take into account the advantages of relative age syndrome (the advantage of being born in Jan as opposed to Dec) and will be flexible in accommodating players not only on their chronological age but will take into account the Technical and Psychological age of all players. Ensuring that players are extended and supported with individual development the goal.

Teams are organised each session by the Coerver coaching staff and every child is guaranteed 3 games per session. The Coerver training and games format ensures all children are involved with no time spent on the sidelines.

Players will be exposed to a fun competition style format during each session, and will be closely monitored by the coaches to ensure the teams are evenly balanced every session. Attention to detail on player progression will be a key factor in this program, where player assessments and skills testing will be a vital component in our player development program. Information for individual player home work will be available from our Coerver online library.

With increased playing time, more touches on the ball, and a balanced approach to the organisation of teams, this will ensures every player will experience quality time on the ball, and not only have a fantastic time but will also develop and improve their soccer skills. This is in line with the OSAs LTPD plan.

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